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Every 9/11, a Woman Posts This Photo Online Hoping the Right Person Will See It — Is it You? (UPDATE: She Found the Right Person — And Got a Great Surprise)


"...I just felt committed to the task."

UPDATE: As Buzzfeed reported early Saturday, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe's long search came to a beautiful end this weekend when former New York City resident Fred Mahe saw her photo.

As Mahe told Boston Magazine, the wedding photo Keefe had posted was "at my desk in the World Trade Center, Tower Two, on the 77th floor,” on 9/11.

Keefe was ecstatic to have finally found the photo's owner — and she seemed even happier to learn that the people in the picture were all alive.

13 years after the September 11th terror attacks, one woman remains searching for the owner of a photo recovered from ground zero.

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe tweeted a wedding photo found in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks late Thursday night, calling on others to help her locate the rightful owner by retweeting the image.

"Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner," she wrote. "Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT."

The photo has now been retweeted more than 40,000 times. Keefe told TheBlaze that she has since been contacted by producers from various media outlets hoping to cover the story.

According to Mashable, Keefe was given the photo by a friend who found it at ground zero. When Keefe's friend moved to California, she gave it to her with the instructions to do something meaningful with it.

"It's a beautiful, joyful moment captured in time and it was such a contrast to what I saw at Ground Zero, which was still burning when I was there," Keefe told Mashable. "So, if it had a relationship to 9/11, I wanted to keep it safe until I could return it to its owner. There's so much beauty and happiness in the photo that I just felt committed to the task."

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