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Man Went to His Birth Home and Found Something Hidden in the Woods He Had Left 40 Years Earlier


"Everything's just like when he left it there."

A man was likely astonished to see that his old '67 Ford Anglia was still in the same place he left it decades earlier — the woods behind his old birth home.

On Sunday, an individual wrote on Reddit that he had taken his father to his old home 40 years after he ditched his car in the woods when its engine seized.

"[H]e just left the bugger where it still is: in the woods behind his house of birth, in a very sparsely populated area in eastern Finland. Absolutely nothing there that'd vandalize the old car but the nature," the individual wrote on Reddit.

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A photo posted online shows the vehicle under a tree and covered in moss.

"Everything's just like when he left it there," the person added, noting that the a sticker "indicating place of purchase" was still attached to the vehicle.

According to the Redditor, the car was ditched when water poured into the radiator froze and caused the engine's block to crack.

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