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Surfer Swam Away Unscathed After He Says a Shark Chomped on His Board — See the Photo


"I was popped into the air by probably like 10 feet, looked down and saw a shark."

A couple of reported great white shark attacks over the weekend had California state park officials issuing warnings to those headed to beaches this week.

"I caught my second wave, and barely got into it, and out of nowhere, I was popped into the air by probably like 10 feet, looked down and saw a shark," Beau Browning, who was riding the waves off the shore of Manresa State Beach around 6:45 p.m. Saturday, told KSBW-TV.

But that's not all he says happened. Afterward, Browning said the shark took a bite out of his board and began dragging it underwater with him tied to it.

"He took a bite on the way down. He finally let go, and I let go of my leash, and I was finally able to get up to the surface," Browning told the news station.

Browning, who was not injured in the attack, added that the shark just thought he was "something else. And that's all it is. I got no hard feelings against sharks."

A seal, however, did not get away so lucky. A parks official at Seabright State Beach, which is less than 12 miles away from Browning's encounter, said someone spotted a shark attacking a seal.

According to KPIX-TV, a great white, which could have been different than the one that attacked Browning, was flipping a seal into the air Sunday. The status of the seal is unknown, but the news station reported that blood was seen in the water.

"We don't get these reports often," California State Parks Supervising Ranger Joe Connors told the Santa Cruz Sentinel of the weekend attacks.

According to a video report from KSBW, the attack on Browning's board is still under investigation. Officials won't definitively confirm his board was attacked until they see the evidence themselves:

Warnings of the shark attacks will remain on area beaches for a few days.

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