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Young Boy Woke His Dad Up to Say There Was Something White Outside — Little Did the Father Know He'd Get a Glimpse of Something Truly Rare


"He was all excited."

"Dad, there's something outside that's white."

That's the statement Mike Bartelme woke up to this morning when his 5-year-old came into his bedroom.

Living in Wisconsin, Bartelme might not have been too surprised if it had snowed, despite only being mid-September. But snow was not in the cards for this sunny nearly 70-degree day.

Bartelme got up and looked out the window. What he saw wasn't a blanket of precipitation on the ground but two white baby deer.

Photo credit: Michael Barelme Photo credit: Michael Bartelme/Facebook

"He was all excited," Bartelme told TheBlaze of his son's reaction to the sight Thursday morning. "Then he goes, I thought they were statues, Dad."

The deer stayed in the family's Plattville, Wisconsin, yard for five to 10 minutes before running off with their mother, who was a normal brown color, Bartelme said.

Bartelme said he already had heard the albino fawns were in the area — there were sightings of them in other parts of town earlier this week — but he didn't think they would come to his yard.

Photo credit: Michael Barelme Photo credit: Michael Bartelme/Facebook

Photo credit: Michael Barelme Photo credit: Michael Bartelme/Facebook

According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, it is not unusual for deer to have twins. In fact, the department cites this as one of the reasons that deer populations grow so quickly.

Buck Masters, a website devoted to deer hunting, reported that only one in 100,000 deer are born with this condition. Despite their rarity, albino deer make their way into the news every once in a while, especially because there is often controversy over the legality of hunting them.

It is unclear if the deer Bartelme spotted in his backyard were true albinos or only partial albinos. To truly be albino their eyes and hooves would also be light colors.

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