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Rumor Check: What Sadie Robertson Said After Her 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance Had People Speculating About Her Grandpa's Health, But...


"When Sadie mentioned her grandfather earlier this week, she was referring to..."

Phil Robertson

Recent reports have speculated that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson was unable to attend his granddaughter Sadie's performance on "Dancing With the Stars" this week due to a mysterious hospitalization — claims that a representative says are incorrect.

"Phil Robertson is in great health and has not been hospitalized this week," the family's publicist told TheBlaze in a statement Friday.

Speculation about the reality TV patriarch's health set off after Sadie, 17, told reporters following her appearance on the dance show earlier this week that her "grandpa … had to go to the hospital."

Phil Robertson with his wife, Miss Kay. (Source: Getty Images) Phil Robertson (left), his wife, Miss Kay (right) and brother Uncle Si (middle). (Getty Images)

But it appears there was some confusion over which grandparent was actually seeking medical treatment.

"When Sadie mentioned her grandfather earlier this week, she was referring to her maternal grandfather, who we are happy to report is now home and in good health," said the family's rep.

Lisa Robertson, wife of Phil Robertson's eldest son, Alan, also told the Gospel Herald that Sadie's comments were misinterpreted and that it was John Howard, Sadie's maternal grandfather, who sought medical treatment after experiencing stomach problems while in Los Angeles.

If you missed Sadie's now-viral dance performance earlier this week, watch it below:

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