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That's What...God Wants': One Pastor's Stunning Approach to Raising $100,000 to Help the Poor

Pastor Rick Cole is living on the streets (Image via Capital Christian Center/Facebook)

Rick Cole of Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California, is on a mission, with the megachurch preacher pledging to live on the streets until he raises $100,000 to help the poor.

According to the Christian Post, Cole announced during a sermon Saturday that he plans to live on the streets for up to two weeks — or until he's able to fundraise the massive sum.

The money will be used to help fund "Winter Sanctuary," a program run by Sacramento Steps Forward, an organization that helps fight poverty.

Pastor Rick Cole is living on the streets (Image via Capital Christian Center/Facebook) Pastor Rick Cole is living on the streets (Image via Capital Christian Center/Facebook)

The initiative, which Cole is involved in, provides food and shelter to the homeless during the frigid winter season. Sacramento Steps Forward relies on churches, mosques and other faith communities to help provide these resources.

Cole started his journey on the streets this past Monday, previewing details for his congregation over the weekend.

"That's what I believe God wants me to do and what we're gonna do together. I'd like us just to make our prayer about God's power to touch our city," Cole told the church. "This idea is not very old, probably about two or three weeks old and every step along the way it's only gained momentum and excitement."

Cole said that the ultimate goal is to use the experience to help the poor and those in need — something he believes the Bible commands.

"When you do this to the least if these Jesus said you done it to me," he added. "You want to get close to Jesus get close to some hurting people and when you help 'em in His name then you've just touched him in the most profound way."

Watch Cole's sermon below:

Since the preacher embarked on his journey Monday, Capital Christian Center has been sharing pictures and information about his whereabouts on Facebook.

On Tuesday, the church uploaded a video of Cole describing where he slept Monday night.

"Found a spot in an alley that seemed like it was a little bit safe and protected," he said, noting that he only had one meal on Monday. "I had a pretty good night's sleep. It's a little sketchy waking up here and there ... but I had a pretty peaceful night."

Watch him describe his experience thus far:


You can follow along with Cole's journey here.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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