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Video: Confused Buck Couldn’t Find His Way Off a Softball Field...Until an Officer Showed Up


"Saving Bambi."

Image source: MLive

Police officers are not just on hand to protect the public, but sometimes they are called on to help wildlife as well.

It was Grand Rapids, Michigan, Police Officer Ryan Bruggink, a deer and a softball field with a very confusing fence that met Wednesday.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, the young buck was unable to find its way off the diamond, even running into the fence several times when Bruggink and Officer Josh Mollan tried to coral it out of an opening.

Eventually, Bruggink, after tiring the deer out, had to pick it up and carry it off the field himself.

Image source: MLive Image source: MLive


The newspaper reported that he carried it about 100 yards into the woods. There he set it down and it ran off unharmed.  

"Officer Bruggink was able to wear the little fella down until he was tired enough for him to pick him up and transport him into the woods and freedom," the police department wrote on its Facebook page about the rescue.

Watch this short clip taken of the officer "saving Bambi":

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