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A Cool New Gadget Is Coming That Could Limit Your Need for a Wallet


And the safety features are pretty cool.

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If you're like the average American consumer, you probably keep a number of cards in your wallet.

In 2011, Americans carried an average of 3.45 cards on them, including bank and retail cards, according to Packed with your driver's license, library card, insurance cards, public transportation fare cards, and any cash you might be carrying, your wallet could be getting a little too big for your britches.

While many retailers and mobile payment giants have tried to reverse this by offering smartphone-based payment systems, they've yet to infiltrate mainstream America. Other companies like Coin have offered alternatives, but many of those products are still in their early stages.

But your wallet could be a little lighter when Plastc makes its debut next summer.

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The new technology, which looks like a regular bankcard, will be able to hold data of up to 20 cards, with a touchscreen strip at the bottom for users to swipe from one card to another, the company says. Plastc will even allow users to upload their office keycard information.

As for security, you'll need to enter a PIN code to access your data. You'll also be able to sync Plastc with your phone so if you ever forget it someplace or it gets stolen, you'll receive a notification saying you left it behind. If you can't find, the card will default to "Return Me" mode and delete your stored data. It will also give you option to wipe everything from the card using your smartphone.

But unlike your smartphone, Plastc will have an estimated battery life of 30 days after which time you can charge it wirelessly, according to Mashable. It'll retail for $155.

Check out more of Plastc's features:


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