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If You Closed Your Eyes While Watching This Dashcam Video, the Audio Would Give You a Pretty Good Idea of What’s Going On


"What the f***?"

Image source: YouTube

While no car accident should be considered humorous, the straightforward commentary provided by an Aussie with a dashboard camera that caught the whole thing might draw a few laughs.

It all started on a rainy night in late September in Brisbane, Australia. The light had just turned green and a few cars made it through the intersection when traffic came to an unexpected stop — at least some of it did anyway.

Watch the video:

"What the f***?" the driver of the vehicle recording the footage said as the car in front of him stopped and the sound of an emergency vehicle coming the opposite direction became more apparent.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"F***ing ambulance going to cross the red...," the man continued but was interrupted mid-sentence. Another car following the green light and apparently not seeing the ambulance in the way T-boned it.

"Oh, a car's just run into it," the driver commented.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Then the ambulance lost control and tipped on the slick road.

"And the ambulance is now on its side," he added.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Nope, I've gotta get out, mate," the man said after a brief pause.

The next thing you know, you can see him in the dashcam's frame of view pulling on an orange coat.

According to the Courier Mail, a 46-year-old passenger inside the ambulance suffered some minor injuries in the incident that occurred Sept. 27.

(H/T: LiveLeak)

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