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Waitress Commits Absolutely Excruciating Error Before Engaged Couple's Romantic Meal


“She immediately put the coloring book behind her back in shock."

When James Lusted, 26, was recently on a date with his fiancee Chloe Roberts, 20, their waitress brought the couple a pair of menus.

Along with something else that soon deeply embarrassed the food server at a restaurant in Cardiff, Wales.

She gave Lusted crayons and a children's coloring book.

Lusted is a dwarf, standing 3 feet, 7 inches tall; his bride-to-be is two feet taller.

“As I said thank you to the waitress she heard my voice and knew I wasn’t a child," he told WalesOnline. “She immediately put the coloring book behind her back in shock."

“But I am man enough to see the funny side," Lusted added to the outlet. "I would never take offense.”

While the couple got lots of laughs from this latest episode, life hasn't always been pleasant for Lusted, who told Wales Online he underwent numerous surgeries when he was young and "went through a time of being bullied in school." His dwarfism is caused by a rare genetic condition, Diastrophic Dysplasia, the outlet reported.

While he revealed to Wales Online he's often wondered who'd would ever marry him, “everything just fell into place" after he met Roberts.

The couple are planning a summer of 2016 wedding, Wales Online said.

Lusted is a TV producer, actor and motivational speaker, the outlet noted, adding that he's competed in the World Dwarf Games twice.

And how did his bride-to-be react when Lusted popped the question?

“There may be a two foot height difference," Roberts told Wales Online, "but when you are in love little things like that don’t matter.”

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