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Think Long and Hard Before Deciding If You Want to See What Unsuspecting Woman Found Hidden in Her Nose


"That's when I realized..."

When Daniela Liverani, 24, looked in the mirror and saw what looked like “congealed blood” in her nose, she figured she must have burst a blood vessel when she fell off a motorcycle recently.

But upon further examination, the woman realized it was something immensely more unsettling. In fact, a 3-inch leech had been living in her nose for a month.

Liverani first reportedly started having nosebleeds while she was traveling through Vietnam. She also reported that she’d notice something sticking out of her nostril at times, but she “just sniffed him back up,” thinking it was a blood clot, according to Daily Record.

When she got back to her home country of Scotland, she finally discovered the terrifying truth while examining the inside of her nose in the mirror.

If you have the stomach for it, read Liverani's personal account via WTSP-TV:

"I tried to blow it out and grab it but I couldn't get a grip of him before he retreated back up my nose."

"When I was in the shower, he would come right out as far as my bottom lip and I could see him sticking out the bottom of my nose. So when that happened, I jumped out of the shower to look really closely in the mirror and I saw ridges on him. That's when I realized he was an animal."

Doctors at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary ultimately pulled the creature from her nose without any complications. Here's how she described the process:

It was agony – whenever the doctor grabbed him, I could feel the leech tugging at the inside of my nose. Then all of a sudden, after half an hour, the pain stopped and the doctor had the leech in the tweezers."

"He was about as long as my forefinger and as fat as my thumb."

We told you to think carefully before reading this.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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