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Liberal Hollywood Actor Threatened With Arrest While Filming Anti-Fox News Video Outside Their NYC Headquarters


“Do you want to get arrested?”

Actor Russell Brand was threatened with arrest when he recently visited Fox News’ headquarters in New York City to film a video disparaging the cable news network.

Video published to YouTube by the liberal actor Thursday begins with him skewering Fox News for allegedly distorting the news. After a few moments, a security official confronts him.

“You can’t film here,” the unidentified security official tells Brand. “This is private property.”

“This bit here?” Brand asks. “Who’s property is it?”

“The building,” the security official answers in a firm voice.

Brand then asks who the building belongs to. The security official counters that it “doesn’t matter.”

“I’ll just stay here then,” Brand says.

“Do you want to get arrested?” the official replies.

[sharequote align="center"]“Do you want to get arrested?” [/sharequote]

The video cuts away to a scene showing other officials confront Brand. When they tell him he needs permission to film, the actor enters the lobby and attempts to talk to someone else about the situation. He’s again denied permission to produce a video on the grounds.

Brand, however, doesn’t immediately leave. The liberal actor asks a woman at the front desk if he can have a tour of the building. When denied, he tells her to “tell Sean Hannity I dropped by to chat to him.”

Brand finally leaves the building, ending his video by accusing Fox News of manipulating statistics to support an agenda.

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