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Need proof of how misleading movie trailers can be? Watch a Mel Brooks classic become unrecognizably serious

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We've all been there: You watch a trailer that makes a movie look great, but when you go to see the actual film, it's a piece of garbage.

Trailers can be powerfully misleading.

YouTube user TheUnusualSuspect (Ross Thompson) has dedicated himself to humorously exposing just how deceptive movie trailers can be, and his latest project, Mel Brooks' classic "Spaceballs," done in the style of the upcoming Christopher Nolan epic "Interstellar," reveals how a campy comedy can be made to look serious and dark.

Thompson has produced many other videos that make a similar point, including one that sets the "Star Wars" prequels in the lighthearted style of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and another (containing rough language) that sets "Saving Private Ryan" as an "Expendables"-style action flick.

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