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Worried for Her Kids' Safety, Armed Single Mom Tries to Fire Her Gun — but Something Entirely Unexpected Happens Instead


"I yelled down the stairs, 'Who's down there?'"

Screengrab via WTHR-TV

A suspected burglar broke into a single mother’s home in Indianapolis early Monday morning. The family woke up to the sound of breaking glass.

The mother, prepared to protect her two kids, armed herself and confronted the suspect. She addressed the man from the top of the stairs, but carefully made her way downstairs.

"I yelled down the stairs, 'Who's down there?' He told me, 'The police.' As I ran down the steps... I was going to shoot my gun,” the mom, identified as Marta, told WTHR-TV.

Screengrab via WTHR-TV Screengrab via WTHR-TV

It was at this point that fate worked in favor of the burglary suspect.

Marta claimed she took aim and attempted to fire her gun — but it jammed. The unfired bullets ended up spilling from the chamber and the suspect ran away with the woman’s flat-screen TV in his hands.

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"My kids are scared. But I am kind of shook up, because I am a single mom and living here at home with my two kids," the mother added.

Marta said she is glad that her family was unharmed as well as the suspected burglar.

The break-in remains under investigation as police search for the suspect.

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