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3-Year-Old Saw a Man Who Looked Like Santa Eating Breakfast Alone. What She Did Next Went Viral.


"Pretty special."

Gracie Lynn sitting with a man playing Santa Clause at an Indiana Bob Evans. (Image source

Gracie Lynn has gotten to an age where she knows exactly who a man with glasses, a white beard and round tummy represents. So, being the good little girl that she is, when she saw a man she believed to be Santa Claus eating breakfast alone at an Indiana restaurant, she plopped right down across from him.

Lindsey Wilson, the girl's mother, said her daughter didn't like seeing Santa eating alone at the Bob Evans in Evansville, Indiana. Watching the pair talk like old friends, Wilson snapped a photo that was uploaded with permission to WFIE-TV's Facebook page where it has been shared and liked by thousands this week.

Of course, at some point during their conversation, Santa asked his most important question: What do you want for Christmas?

Gracie Lynn's response surprised her mother.

"All she said was her baby brother James, which he's due in like about three weeks," Wilson, who is pregnant, told WFIE. "It was cool to see a 3-year-old say they don't want anything for Christmas, and they just want their baby brother here."

Image source: WFIE-TV Image source: WFIE-TV

The news station was able to track down Santa who said he thought the little girl was "pretty special."

"She, I think, understands about having friends and she was quite a special young lady," he said.

"I am going to have a few surprises for her this year," the man continued.

Watch WFIE-TV's touching story:

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