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What a .50 Cal Does to a Truck Filled with Explosives


When the .50 cal and explosives collide, only one question remains: "Where's the truck?"

(Image source: YouTube)

When a machine gun rips into a rusty old truck, it's bound to make some noise. But when that truck is filled with explosives, the boom is so big it gets a round of applause from the audience.

(Image source: YouTube) (Image source: YouTube)

YouTube host Skinny Medic, a survival and ammunition expert, uploaded a video showing just what happens to an old truck when a .50 caliber vehicle-mounted machine gun is unleashed in the woods. The truck was pre-loaded with explosives from USA Chemicals for the event.

(Image source: YouTube) (Image source: YouTube)

After the machine gun and the explosives mix, the dust cloud is so big one man can be heard in the video asking "Where's the truck?"

Seconds later the truck is seen torn apart by the explosion and sitting on it's side.

(Image source: YouTube) (Image source: YouTube)

SkinnyMedic said the video was taken during the IraqVeteran8888 2nd Annual YouTube Range Day. Check out the echoing boom for yourself, here:

Kel Tec also published a video about the entire event, with some up-close shots of the .50 -- be sure wait for the volley of gunfire at the end.


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