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Radical Animal Rights Activists Hold a Funeral...for a Frozen a Grocery Store


"You gotta go. Cops are here. You gotta go."

Image: YouTube

They're baaaaaack!

Direct Action Everywhere, the California-based animal rights activists who gave us last month's "Chicken Lady" video showing the group confronting diners eating in a trendy California restaurant, have added a new tactic to their playbook: funerals for frozen chickens.

And they are holding these "funerals" in grocery stores, during business hours.

The group recently executed a protest in a Berkeley, California, grocery store and recorded the entire event for its YouTube channel. The video begins with a young man lifting a frozen chicken from the poultry section and carrying it to the store's meat department.

After yelling the group's mantra, "It's not food, it's violence," mourners in black clothing -- some carrying flowers -- assemble and a coffin appears. The frozen chicken is placed inside the casket and the funeral begins.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Store security makes a few attempts to shut down the protest/funeral, even standing in front of one of the cameras recording the event. Eventually, the coffin is ceremoniously carried through the store to the checkout area. Police eventually arrive on the scene and store security tells the protesters, "You gotta go. Cops are here. You gotta go."

By the way, if you pay close attention to the end of the video, you will see the "Chicken Lady" from the video we posted about "Snow" -- her chicken --  last month.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch the entire funeral here:


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