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'She Is a Cancer': Blaze Readers React to Ferguson Column Penned By Ivy League Professor That's Being Called ‘Shameful’


"Evidently they hand out Ivy League professorships these days like they’re candy or Nobel prizes."

Anthea Butler (Image source: Twitter)

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about an Ivy League professor who wrote a column accusing America of having a “racist God” that “requires black people’s blood to atone for the sins committed by its followers.”

Anthea Butler (Image source: Twitter) Anthea Butler (Image source: Twitter)

In response to a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, University of Pennsylvania religious studies professor Anthea Butler wrote that “this time, the blood shed in sacrifice to this god of white supremacy was Michael Brown’s.”

“No one should be surprised that Darren Wilson was not indicted by the grand jury,” she continued. “Prosecutor Robert McCulloch played the role of Pontius Pilate, washing his and Darren Wilson’s hands of impunity, while the sacrifice, Michael Brown, was deemed worthy of death because in Wilson’s words ‘he look[ed] like a demon.’”

“Wilson even uses the sacred instrument to complete his sacrifice to the god of American Whiteness: the gun,” the Ivy League professor added.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about Butler’s words:


Whomever lets this demon educate (i.e., possess) their children, beware.


I would expect nothing less from Butler…she is a cancer infecting the minds of our nation’s young people…and believe me, she is not the worst that the left has to offer…there are tens of thousands more college professors who believe exactly as she does…many are even more radical.

I believe that America has been infected with a terminal cancer called progressives/ Democrats/socialists/globalists/Communists/Marxists…or whatever other moniker they may come up with for themselves.


Evidently they hand out Ivy League professorships these days like they’re candy or Nobel prizes.


Seriously…what is wrong with me? Why don’t I understand this “us” or “we” everyone talks about? I’m a lot of things, including “Mexican” — I speak Spanish. I loved going to Mexico before the fear of losing my head (literally) got the best of me. I love my Mexican family and our culture. But I don’t get why I would ever side with Mexico on anything or side with a person simply because that person “looks like me.” That’s insane to me. But for people like this professor, facts don’t matter. It’s “white” against “black” and it’ll always be that way. I suppose there are whites who do that and I know there are brown people who do it also, but damn, I just honestly don’t get it.

A black professor told me once he was happy Obama got elected because now he can tell his son, “You too can be president” because a guy in the White House “looks like him.” When I looked at Bush Sr. or Clinton as my son grew up, I never, EVER, thought they didn’t look like him. Because they did — we’re all people.


“University of Pennsylvania religious studies professor Anthea Butler wrote that 'this time, the blood shed in sacrifice to this god of white supremacy was Michael Brown’s.'"

Religious Studies? Really, she still has her position? Probably tenured, but still.

Penn should be embarrassed, really embarrassed.


No one should want to send their child(ren) to any Ivy League! Look what your kids are exposed to! And yet she is given free rein to continue. Any good, smart, creative, well-rounded and accomplished student won’t get through the front gates. It’s this garbage they’re looking for. Unbelievable!


If you read her reviews on Rate My Professor, you’ll find she is a failure in the classroom as well. She is working very hard on getting her 15 minutes of fame – even if she has to be wrong to be noticed.


I went to church Sunday night. It was a mixed congregation (whites, black, Hispanic). A black pastor spoke on love. He had tears streaming down his cheeks as he read Scripture to hold us accountable to Gods word. He said we must be the light shining in darkness. The time’s are dark because the light in God's people is not shining enough. Through Scripture he said we have no excuse to walk in hate. America is lost and undone. Christians must stand against hate and let the world see our unity. I work in a mixed culture, attend a mixed church; my children attend a mixed school, and I have a multicultural family. Love is the answer. Anthea Butler, you to will be held accountable before a righteous and merciful God.


I have yet to hear a black leader criticize any of Michael Brown’s behavior or actions. I’m starting to think that perhaps America’s black leaders see nothing wrong with criminal or self-destructive behavior.


This doesn’t surprise me at all.

In my first semester of college, the professor of my English 101 class was a black woman (similar hairdo as well, I wonder if that’s the connection?) who came into the classroom the first day and pretty much announced that if you're white you might as well be wearing a Klan hood. She didn’t make it through 10 sentences before uttering the phrase “white devil.” (She had a Ph.D. in English and “Afro-Caribbean" studies, whatever that is.)

Needless to say I dropped the class and took English 101 with a different professor the following semester.

Colleges are hotbeds of liberal thought. When certain people get into situations like that, where nothing they say can be questioned because it’s about a “protected class” of which they are also a member, they say really, really whacky stuff.

Liberal thought + mostly liberal faculty + a member of the faculty who’s a member of a “protected class” and is a bit nuts = militant [insert protected class here] faculty member...and that’s at a RELIGIOUS institution. I don’t even want to know what happens at the public ones.


When I read her column, I thought that she might have had a bad day and was being uncharacteristically unfair, so I checked to see what her students thought of her. The following is representative of the typical response:

“its an embarrassment to the RS department that this loudmouth idiot with crazy Don King hair is the head chair. Worst Professor I’ve ever known or heard of. Her opinions are poorly substantiated and academically unsound to say the least mostly due to her Afrocentric presuppositional bias which makes her narrow-minded. Avoid her...”

I didn’t think it fair to post one of the more critical assessments.

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