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NFL QB's Son Steals the Show at Dad's Press Conference When He Does Something You Probably Can't



When a professional quarterback throws six touchdowns in a game, you'd expect the guy to bask in the media spotlight.

math The little math whiz, Brady Fitzpatrick, stands on his father's stage at a Texans press conference (Image source: YouTube)

But Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick decided to use some of his post-game limelight to highlight his son's math skills.

After talking about trouncing the Titans 45-21 -- Fitzpatrick threw a career-high six touchdowns and racked up 358 yards -- the father of two pulled his son Brady up on stage for a quick math calculation.

The quarterback asked one reporter to pull out a calculator to test his son with multiplying any two numbers between 90 and 99.

Without flinching, little Brady stood in front of several members of the media and cranked out the double-digit multiplication in seconds flat.

Talk about a proud dad; the eldest Fitzpatrick simply said, "Boom," and walked off the stage after Brady showed off his skills.

Fitzpatrick, an economics major at Harvard, obviously puts emphasis on learning in his household. According to the New York Post, the brainy quarterback finished the Wonderlic Personnel test -- a 12-minute IQ test of sorts, administered to all incoming NFL newbies -- with a full three minutes to spare. After the test it was rumored he got a perfect score, but Fitzpatrick later admitted he left one question blank.

Watch Fitzpatrick show of his son, here (skip to :37 seconds for the good stuff):

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