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Three Teens Put a Gun in the Face of a 67-Year-Old Disabled Grandma and Demand Her Van Key. Her Answer Took Some Serious Guts.


“I think they’re cowards."

Image source: WTHR-TV

After Kay Kise finished some Christmas shopping Sunday night, the 67-year-old grandmother pulled her van into her curbside handicapped spot in front of her Indianapolis house, got out and began gathering her things.

Image source: WTHR-TV Image source: WTHR-TV

That's when, she said, three black teenage boys approached her. At first they just seemed to want directions, but it soon became clear they were after something bigger.

“And the next thing I know, he’s got a gun right in my face,” Kise told WXIN-TV. “And he’s telling me, ‘Give me the keys to that van.'”

Image source: WTHR-TV Image source: WTHR-TV

Kise, who requires a cane to get around, didn't have to think twice.

“I said, ‘You’re not getting my van’ and I slapped that gun to the side,” she said. She later added: “I don’t have no money to buy another one with. So they weren’t going to take it from me.”

Image source: WTHR-TV Image source: WTHR-TV

With that, one of the teens hit Kise on the side of her head, dizzying her and causing her to fall back into her van. The sliding side door was open and she found herself in the back seat. But despite an aching, bloody head that had started to swell, Kise was still holding her keys.

“I wasn’t about to let no young punk take my car,” Kise told WXIN.

Kise had screamed for help, and her 13-year-old next-door neighbor, Shantel Johnson, heard Kise's cries.

“So I went down to see what was wrong, and her face was bleeding and it was swollen," Johnson told WTHR-TV. “So I ran back upstairs and I was like, 'Mom, Mrs. Kay is hurt! Mrs. Kay is hurt!'”

Shantel Johnson (Image source: WTHR-TV) Shantel Johnson heard her neighbor's cries. (Image source: WTHR-TV)

By the time officers responded to the 911 call, the trio of teens had taken off down the street — but not with Kise's van.

“I think they’re cowards,” family friend Tara Spalding told WXIN. “For three young guys to beat up on a 67-year-old woman.”

Kise spent Sunday night hospitalized with facial fractures, bleeding on her brain, and a swollen-shut left eye.

“I don't hurt nobody,” Kise told WTHR, “and I don't understand why the children would hurt me.”

“She is a good neighbor," Johnson told WTHR, "a very good neighbor, she is very sweet.”

This story has been updated with new video.

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