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Toddler's Reaction to Being Introduced to Twin Sisters Is Just Adorable


"I'm surrounded! By the same person!!!"

Image source: YouTube

You're used to seeing identical twins by now, but do you remember what it was like the very first time you thought you might have been seeing double?

Thanks to one new video, Landon will always remember that moment. Landon was introduced to look-alike infants for the first time and his adorably hilarious reaction was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube Wednesday.

The small lad sitting on a large arm chair between the twin girls turns his head back and forth several times – from one of the infant girls to the other – seemingly confused and wondering if there could actually be two of them.

The twin on screen left is crying throughout the video but the twin on screen right seems perfectly content in the situation. Maybe she was just enjoying all the extra attention.

But perhaps the cutest part of the video is shown at the 19-second mark. The confused toddler isn't looking at either of the twins at that moment. Instead he's looking straight into the camera.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

YouTube user Allan Kipkirui commented, "The little man's Face right at 0:19 ... lol." Another commented, "Lol 'WTF? I'm surrounded! By the same person!!!"

Watch the video to find out what your reaction will be and make sure to read others' comments to see they're saying.

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