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Soldier Reunites With Wife After 6 Months, Holds His Baby Girl for First Time — but a Week Later, Landlord Had Him in Disbelief


"I’m stationed in Missouri and we haven’t seen each other in six months."

Screengrab via KDVR-TV

Sgt. William Bolt hadn’t seen his wife for six months. To make the situation even more tough, he had yet to even hold his newborn daughter as she was just born two weeks ago.

So it’s not surprising that the solider, who is stationed in Missouri, was more than a little excited return home to Central, South Carolina, for the holidays to spend time with his family.

Imagine his surprise when the landlord at The Groves apartment complex reportedly told him that he needed to leave after only seven days or he would press charges against his wife or double the rent.

Screengrab via KDVR-TV Screengrab via WHNS-TV

“I’m stationed in Missouri and we haven’t seen each other in six months. What’s the problem with me staying and visiting with my wife?” Bolt said.

The landlord, Chuck, told WHNS-TV that the lease agreement states that visitors can’t stay with residents past seven days. Bolt said the landlord doesn’t care that he’s a husband and father, not actually a “visitor.”

The problem stems from the fact that Bolt’s name is apparently not on the lease. He and his wife, a Clemson University student and new mom, now fear potential eviction.

“He stated to me that he didn’t care about our situation, he didn’t care about me being in the military,” Bolt told the news station.

Despite the landlord’s threat to press criminal charges, an attorney told WHNS-TV that the agreement is written in vague terms and charges in the case would be unlikely to hold up.

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