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Which Professions Have the Highest Percentage of Obese Workers?

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Cue the jokes.

It turns out that police officers have the highest rate of obesity across all professions in the U.S., along with firefighters and security guards,  according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Cops, firefighters and security guards together have an obesity rate of 40.7 percent, according to the Journal.

How do other jobs compare?

Four other groups came in a bit lower, in the 30 percent range, but are still considered part of the "highest" in terms of percentage of obese workers:

• Social workers, clergy, counselors: 35.6

• Home health care aides, massage therapists: 35.8

• Architects, engineers: 34.1

• Bus drivers, truckers, crane operators, garbage, collectors: 32.8

Things taper off considerably for these four groups, all considered part of the "lowest" range:

• Janitors, maids, landscapers: 23.5

• Cooks, bartenders, food servers: 23.1

• Physicians, dentists, EMTs, nurses: 22.0

• Artists, actors, athletes, reporters: 20.1

But one group blows away the rest in terms of lack of obesity; folks in these three professions have by far the lowest percentage of workers in need of a diet, at a paltry 14.2 percent. They are...economists, scientists, and psychologists.

(H/T: Time)

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