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Incredible Technology Lets You Feel Objects Without Touching


"We can target each different fingertip individually..."

Image source: YouTube

The problem with the virtual world, perhaps, is the lack of touch.

But researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom have discovered a way to allow you to feel virtual objects similar to how you would feel an animate item. The technology was most recently showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Image source: YouTube

By using a tray of tiny ultrasound speakers, Ultrahaptics cofounder and University of Bristol graduate student Tom Carter said the innovative technology can control the timing between each one of the speakers so that the sound from each one arrive at the same point on your fingertips at the same time.

Image source: YouTube

"We can target each different fingertip individually and we can create a different texture on each different fingertip," Carter added. He also predicted the technology will eventually take off and allow consumers to control their devices with invisible buttons, from music players to home appliances and even the dashboard of your car.

Image source: YouTube

‘The actual physical buttons are awesome because when you touch them you know that you’ve touched them. When you click them, you get that immediate click feeling," Carter said.

It may be a complicated concept to wrap your mind around, but the BBC's Spencer Kelly gave this demonstration that can help you better understand how the technology works:

Hear some of the responses from consumers who have tried Ultrahaptics technology:

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