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Did You Notice the Over-the-Top Sign Language Interpreters During the Blizzard Coverage? Jon Stewart Did


"That guy nailed it!"

Image: YouTube

Comedians and talk show hosts had a field day after the massive, apocalyptic blizzard forecast to slam NYC, Philadelphia and the New Jersey shore never really materialized.

Leading up to the blizzard, many mayors and a few governors in the threatened region held press conferences to warn people about the approaching storm.

At each of these press events, a sign language interpreter was conspicuously placed to the left or right of the platform, drawing considerable attention.

Image: YouTube

This writer noticed the animated nature of some of the interpreters and tweeted about it on Monday night.


Image: YouTube 

Comedy Central star Jon Stewart also spotted the over-the-top sign language interpretations happening from city to city and dedicated a slice of his opening monologue to it.

Image: YouTube 

Stewart was particularly impressed with the interpreter for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, declaring, "That guy nailed it!"

Watch the clip:

See the entire opening segment from Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show. (The portion dealing with the sign language interpreters starts at 1:30.)


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