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CNN Host Noticed Some Things During the Romney Announcement That Could Signal the Opposite of What Romney Said


"That is not closing the door!"

Television journalist Jake Tapper poses at the premiere of new television series 'Madam Secretary' in Washington on September 18, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Nicholas KAMM
Credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

While Mitt Romney told supporters on Friday that he's not running for president in 2016, CNN's Jake Tapper isn't convinced. In fact, he noticed several statements in Romney's announcement that shows the 2014 nominee is leaving the door open.

"It is a very ambivalent statement," Tapper said.

"First of all, the headline is he's not running ... but, but, this speech, these remarks, are full of caveats," he added.

"Instead of saying, 'No, I'm not running, there are many great candidates and I will be supporting one of them,' he says, 'that seems unlikely.' That is not closing the door!" Tapper exclaimed.

[sharequote align="center"]"That is not closing the door!" — Jake Tapper[/sharequote]

"He's announcing that he's not running for president, but just in case the party implodes and there is some desire for him to come in and save the day, the white knight on the stallion, that remains a possibility," he added.

"I just don't understand why one would say, 'I'm not running, although clearly I could beat the Democrat; I have the best chance of beating the Democrat," he concluded.

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