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Video: Couple Spots Mysterious Lights Hovering Over the Estrella Mountains in Arizona


There's at least one explanation.

A couple was driving around in Goodyear, Arizona, earlier this month when they spotted mysterious lights hovering over the Estrella Mountains. The lights are reminiscent of the so-called “Phoenix Lights” that has left residents stumped ever since they appeared on March 13, 1997.

Goodyear residents Kerrie and Jeff Zakaras told KNXV-TV they “drove all the way down there to Tuthill Road and still couldn't figure out what's causing it."

Watch the video below:

But this mystery appears to have been solved quickly. KNXV-TV reports that Luke Air Force Base confirmed they were conducting military training at the time during which flares were dropped.

Alejandro Rojas, a "veteran writer in world of UFOs and the paranormal," accepted the explanation, but argued there are still other "mysteries" that have not been solved.

"In this case it looks to be military exercises, so mystery solved. But in many cases the mystery is still out there and mysteries out there where we still don't know what they are," Rojas said.

Watch the original “Phoenix Lights” here:


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