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Photographer Stumbles Upon ‘Frightening’ Site During Trip: ‘I’ve Never Been in a Place So Haunting


"I've never seen anything like it."

Image source: Steph Lawless via WJW-TV

A photographer said he found himself in a "frightening" and "creepy" place during a recent trip documenting the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Image source: Steph Lawless via WJW-TV

Visiting New Orleans, Ohio native Seph Lawless was astonished to find a pet cemetery dating back more than 100 years tucked away in swampland.

"The house that used to run the cemetery had fallen because of Hurricane Katrina and yet the vines were still in the shape of the house, so it was like there was a ghost of the house there," he told WJW-TV.

Image source: Steph Lawless via WJW-TV

"It was just extraordinarily creepy," he added."I've never been in a place that was so haunting and creepy than this place."

Lawless, however, said he was touched by the "relationship between pets and their owners."

Image source: Steph Lawless via WJW-TV

"It was very moving what they wrote on the (tombstones). One in particular put dog food that's sitting over 30 years," he said.

Nevertheless, the experience mostly spooked him.

"Frightening kind of, at times," he said, describing the trip to WJW. Because you couldn't hear anything — at one point I just came across a headstone that just said Satan on it."

Image source: Steph Lawless via WJW-TV

"It's just a weird vibe. All throughout that cemetery, I've never seen anything like it," he concluded.

The experience moved Lawless so much, he ended up publishing it as a book titled, "Pet Cemetery...In Loving Memory."

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