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Father and Son Come Face-to-Face With Burglar — Priceless Photo Shows Just How Wrong It Went for Suspect


"And his eyes light up. Bing!"

John Ashton, Sr. (left) and his son John, Jr. (Image source: KOMO-TV)

A disturbing sight met John Ashton, Sr. and his son John Jr. when they returned to their apartment in Olympia, Washington, on Friday.

"The door was smashed. The deadbolt bent," Ashton, Sr. told KOMO-TV.

But that was nothing compared to what they saw next.

John Ashton, Sr. (left) and his son John, Jr. (Image source: KOMO-TV)

"And I turn that corner and (the burglar)’s standing right in the bedroom," John Ashton, Jr. told KOMO. "And his eyes light up. Bing!"

Dad added, "Next thing I know (John)’s screaming over my shoulder, 'He’s here!'"

Police said the suspected crook tried to bolt past the pair while apologizing for his misdeed: "I'm sorry, I made a mistake and I'll get your stuff back."

It was a very short run. "I flew over and tackled him from the top," Ashton, Sr. told KOMO. Then it was on.

The Ashtons wrestled with the suspected intruder while yelling for neighbors to call 911, KOMO added, citing police.

"It was a long wrestle," Ashton, Jr. told the station; Dad added, "We didn’t really want to hurt him, but I wasn’t gonna let him go."

Soon senior and junior bested their foe, using the man's own sweater and shoelaces to tie they guy up until police arrived.

Image source: KOMO-TV

Naturally that's the last thing the crook wanted. "He would give anything...'just don’t call the cops' because he’s 'going to go away for 20 years,'" Ashton, Jr. told KOMO.

But when officers took the suspected intruder into custody, bald-faced truth apparently hit him head on, as he looked up and said, "Man, I screwed up."

Tyrone Porter, 37, was booked into the Thurston County jail. KOMO reported that he has 20 arrests and four felony convictions, according to state records.

Image source: KOMO-TV

Investigators found much of the Ashton's belongings in the apartment building's laundry room, KOMO added.

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