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The Move an Accused Robber Made Backfired So Much Police Started ‘Laughing When They Saw the Video’


Instant karma.

A would-be robber found himself laying on the concrete in his own blood after a brick he threw against a car window bounced back and smashed him in the face.

"When I saw him, he was laying there stone cold on the ground and his face was in ribbons," Gerry Brandy, the owner of a nearby pub, told the Irish Independent.

"My first thought was that, 'This guy is after getting the **** knocked out of him,' while my girlfriend said it must have been a hit and run," the man continued.

Moments later, the man tried to blackmail the pub owner.

“He pulled himself up and said he wanted €50 for a taxi. I said ‘Not a chance, I’ve to pay for a new window mate,' that’s when he leaned in and told me he’d burn me out of the pub," Brandy told the Irish Independent.

[sharequote align="right"]“You should have heard the garda laughing when they saw the video. They were in stitches."[/sharequote]

“I see you, I know you. I’ll burn you out. I’ll tell the gardas (police) you beat me up. I’ll go to my solicitor,” the man continued to Brandy.

The police eventually arrived to the scene.

“When the Gardaí picked him up, he started claiming that I attacked him. He was still telling them that in the station when I came in with the footage of him getting knocked out by his own brick," Brandy told the Irish Independent.

“You should have heard the garda laughing when they saw the video. They were in stitches," the pub owner added. "Credit to them, they were straight out when we called and found the guy within minutes.”

According to the Irish Independent, the incident was under investigation.

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