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UNC Newspaper's Plan to 'Reduce Sexual Assault' on Campus — and It's Not Arming Women to Protect Themselves


The editorial board of the Daily Tarheel, the student newspaper at the University of North Carolina, claimed in an opinion column on Sunday that arming women to defend themselves on campus could actually “reinforce rape culture.”

The newspaper argued that concealed carry on campus would not only fail to reduce sexual assault, but “could reinforce rape culture because the burden of stopping assault would be further placed upon women.”

“Allowing concealed weapons on campus for the purpose of preventing sexual assault will create the unintended consequence of increased homicides stemming from intimate partner violence,” the editorial board wrote.

“Expanding concealed carry restrictions on campus would arm potential perpetrators — not just of sexual assault but also of violence in relationships," the editorial continued.

Then the Daily Tarheel offered its solution to reducing sexual assault: “preventative programs that challenge rigid gender roles and promote healthy relationships as well as intervention trainings that teach peers to be active bystanders rather than on measures that will not solve the problem.”

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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