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Hillary's server: It's not just about her hiding things from the American people


The very weekend that Hillary Clinton announced her second run for the White House, revelations have shed light on a little-talked about consequence of Clinton's efforts to hide her mistakes from "We the People."

Richard Miniter, president of the American Media Institute, joined The Chris Salcedo Show this weekend to reveal the results an investigation AMI conducted. Miniter outlined interviews with intelligence officials, including some Democrats, who are concerned and even livid about Clinton's use of a private server to conduct government business. The intelligence community worries about thousands of attempts made daily to breach American cybersecurity and points out that billions of taxpayer dollars are spent protecting America's government from incursions by rogue states like China, Russia and Iran. Clinton's server was provided by a commercial Internet service provider that could not approach the level of security offered to official government accounts. Not only do officials stress over foreign enemies gathering intelligence off the server, they also fret that they could have changed official documents that would have provided false data that caused then-Secretary of State Clinton to act on faulty information.

To hear real investigative journalism, something the Brian Williams Press forgets how to do during Democratic administrations, cue to 1:35:35:

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