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Sex Box' Gets Canned: Controversial Show Featuring Couples Who Have Sex Inside of a Box Is No More


"A bold programming swing."

Image source: WE tv via YouTube

"Sex Box," the controversial WE tv show in which participants have sex inside a soundproof box and then emerge to speak with a panel of judges and relationship experts about the experience, has been yanked from the network's schedule.

The network pulled the show after five episodes after it did not perform as well as expected, according to Deadline.

Image source: WE tv via YouTube

In a statement, WE tv called "Sex Box" "a bold programming swing" that "did not connect with large numbers of viewers," with Deadline reporting that viewership was between 378,000 for the premiere and no more than 490,000 in subsequent episodes.

"We are working with our production partners on a potential reformatted version of the show and are thankful for the efforts of everyone involved," WE tv continued, leaving some questions up in the air regarding whether "Sex Box" will return in an amended form.

The Parents Television Council, a conservative advocacy group that had vocally denounced the show, praised the cancellation in a message posted to its Facebook page on Friday.

"It's official: WE tv has pulled "Sex Box" from the schedule. Because of your help and activism, we were able to ‪#‎StopSexBox‬!" the council said.

There was also early debate about Pastor Yvonne Capehart, a counseling expert who was a panelist on the show and who recently told CBN News that she believes God wanted her to participate in “Sex Box” and that she is simply doing what she was “called to do.”

Capehart said she rejected three offers to participate on the show before reconsidering, acknowledging that she was at first turned off by the title, content and layout.

“After I had turned it down the third time the Lord — as he did many times in my life, with everything else in my life — instructed me that he had prepared me to do the show and my presence would make a difference in being on the show,” she told CBN News.

Capehart has not commented about the cancellation on her Twitter or Facebook pages.

Entertainment Weekly noted that this is the second sex-themed show to be canceled in recent days, with A&E's "Neighbors With Benefits," a show about swingers, only lasting two episodes before it was removed from the network's schedule.

(H/T: Deadline)

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