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It's My Discretion': Watch How an NYPD Officer Reacts When Man Asks for His Badge Number


"I am an officer alright."

Image source: YouTube

An NYPD officer seemingly retaliated against a bicyclist Sunday after the man asked for his badge number.

Officer Moussignal stopped the cyclist Sunday for riding without brakes and blowing through a red light. In a gesture of good will, the cop said he would give the man a break on the more costly ticket of running the red light.

Then the man politely asked for the officer's badge number. Video captured by TheBlaze's Josiah Ryan shows what happened next.

"It's two (tickets) now," Moussignal told the cyclist. "The red light was my discretion."

"You know, a police officer does have discretion. He can stop you, he can give you a ticket. Or he cannot give it to you. It's up to them," the officer added. "I may choose to give you a break. I may choose not to give you a break."

In an odd twist, however, Moussignal realized he only had one ticket left in his arsenal. He chose to write the man up for the more expensive ticket — the one he initially said he would not issue.

When asked why he made that move, the officer replied: "Because I have discretion. I am an officer alright."

The cyclist, seemingly taken by surprise, confronted the officer.

"You switched it up based on what I asked you," he said.

"I can switch it up," the officer shot back.

Ryan, who witnessed the entire thing, wrote, "What the cop did in the video is not really that bad in the scheme of things. But I decided to post this video because it felt a lot like the officer was trying to send a message: don't you dare ask for my badge number."

"That felt a lot like bullying and simply the wrong message for a member of 'New York's finest' to send to his community," Ryan added.

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