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Lt. Col.: Obama has earned impeachment


While another liberal city burned because of wrong-headed liberal policies by current and former mayors, there were other events of consequence that the mainstream press neglected to cover to a great degree. One of those events was Resident Obama's continued timidity toward the world's No. 1 state-sponsor of terror, Iran.

After taunting an American ship, Iranian boats fired shots over the bow of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship, forced it into Iranian waters and seized the vessel. This happened despite Team Obama's claim that they sent American ships over to the region to "protect shipping." Many will not be surprised to learn that the Obama administration did nothing in response to these clear acts of aggression toward the U.S. and our allies.

To hear what you missed while the Brian Williams press was focused nearly exclusively on another liberal city in chaos, cue to 22:40 and listen:

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