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Mom Took a Picture of Cops Doing the 'Best Thing I Have Seen in a Long Time


"It's nice to know that my children already have a sense of safety."

A Florida mom witnessed deputies doing something earlier this week outside the Grandview Pointe Apartments in Orlando that she considered so inspiring, she had to share it.

"I wanted to share this because it’s the best thing I have seen in a long time," said the woman identified as Mrs. Hunter by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, which posted the pictures on its Facebook page.

The pictures sent to the sheriff's office shows two Sector 4 deputies buying about a half a dozen children ice cream from the local ice cream truck.

"We also wanted to thank your staff for their continued heroic actions," Mrs. Hunter wrote in to the sheriff's office. "It's nice when we can see them take a break sometimes to enjoy the finer things in life.

"Also, I wanted to share my thanks to some of the deputies taking their time like this to talk to my children when they see them playing outside," she continued. "It's nice to know that my children already have a sense of safety because of that. It's hard to get kids these days to understand that cops are out there to help not scare, regardless of what others say to demean their jobs, as my child puts it you are 'putting the bad guys away so we can be safe.'"

This isn't the first time we've seen cops stepping outside the line of duty to do good in their community. In California, some officers are giving kids "tickets" — vouchers for free pizza. Other cops have been spotted doing things like fixing a kid's bike, shooting some hoops and schooling a little girl on Miss Mary Mack.

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