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Buck Sexton Calls Out the Media for Handling Hillary Clinton’s Scandals Differently Than Those of GOP Candidates


"How long have we had to deal with Bridgegate?"

Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Has the media handled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's scandals differently than those of Republican presidential candidates? That's the case TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton made while guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program Monday.

"How the media reacts to a story reveals a lot. When they don't react it speaks even louder," he began. "The day the Planned Parenthood video broke, no mainstream media outlet bothered to cover the story. ... From a media perspective, you've got shocking video. It's undercover. There's corruption. There's murder. There's no question that this has to be a must-cover story. But protecting the unborn isn't high on the media's priority list, so they ignored it."

Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Molly Riley) Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Similarly, Sexton said the media has been reluctant to investigate a number of Clinton scandals, most recently the use of her private email account while working as secretary of state.

"It's still classified, even if it doesn't have a stamp that says 'top secret' at the top of it," Sexton said. "These are the sorts of inconsistencies that you would think would fuel the media's skepticism on a story, and it might actually cause them to investigate it a little further."

"Look at the vigor with which the media went after other scandals involving very high-profile politicians. Chris Christie -- how long have we had to deal with Bridgegate?" Sexton asked. "Rick Perry, of course, they opened an abuse of power investigation into him. But Hillary? When it comes to her, it's complicated. It depends on what your definition of 'classified' is."

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