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Buck Sexton: You Can Tell What a Politician Really Values by What They're Willing to Be 'Slimy and Gross' For


"There’s this unwillingness to do anything serious about Planned Parenthood..."

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TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton on Monday said you can tell a lot about what a politician truly cares about by what they're willing to be "slimy and gross" for.

"There's this unwillingness to do anything serious about Planned Parenthood," Sexton said while guest hosting Glenn Beck's radio program. "And man, [Planned Parenthood's] PR people will be working overtime to try to convince Americans that the butchery on a massive, and government, taxpayer subsidized scale that's going on is not what they're telling us it is. ... But back to the politics, there are Republican senators ... [who] on life issues, they talk a big game."

"But what do they do? They'll pass a sort of meaningless measure on Planned Parenthood," Sexton continued. "They know it's not going anywhere. They won't use parliamentary tricks. This is really the separation: they won't use parliamentary procedure to try to slip in something that would defund Planned Parenthood. They won't slip that in."

"But they will slip in the Export-Import Bank," Sexton added. "You see, if you're going to be slimy and gross, you want to do it for your slimy gross lobbyist friends in downtown DC. You don't want to be slimy and gross to protect life and to stand on principle."

Image credit: Sonja Georgevich Image credit: Sonja Georgevich

Sexton said no one wants to see "underhanded techniques" in Washington, but if they must occur, "we'd rather have a situation where the Senate, the Republican members of the Senate will pull out all the stops ... to actually get done the things that they promised us they would."

Instead, Sexton said the Republicans' policy on important issues seems to be repeated promises that when they win the presidency, then they will tackle the issue.

"What exactly are we supposed to do if the very people that promise us they will handle these things, if the very people who say they have this under control are the same ones who go in front of us and lie and do nothing?" Sexton said, referencing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz's fiery speech accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-Ky.) of being a liar.

Sexton played the audio of Cruz's speech, saluting him for using clear, straightforward language "at a time like this, given the problems we have with illegal immigration, ... given the problems with the vast and unthinkable moral failing of Planned Parenthood and its trafficking in the body parts of tiny babies."

"A simple lie with profound implications," Sexton concluded. "We are at that point now, aren't we? We are at the point where we no longer can use the language of civility, the sort of euphemisms out there. 'Oh, a little bit of dishonesty in Mitch McConnell's approach here. There was a miscommunication.' No, no, no, how about he just lied? It seems increasingly clear to me that calling out lies will be necessary if we're going to have any reform of this."

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