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Postal Worker Noticed a Little Boy Riffling Through a Junk Mail Bin. When He Found Out Why, He Took Action and Got a 'Crazy' Response.


"I'm just super happy."

A simple act of kindness by a postal delivery man after he noticed a little boy riffling through a junk mail bin has led to an outpouring of goodwill from people across the globe.

"A young man was standing here reading junk mail and asked me if I had any extra," postman Ron Lynch told KSL-TV.

That little boy, Mathew Flores, 12, told Lynch, who works in Sandy, Utah, that he was looking through the old advertisements and newspapers in an effort to find viable reading material, as he doesn't own books at home and can't afford to travel on a bus to local libraries.

"At 12 years old he didn't want electronics, he didn't want to sit in front of the TV playing games all day, this kid just wanted to read," Lynch told the outlet.

Watch the story below:

Lynch, who was impacted by Flores' story, decided to post a Facebook photo of the boy along with a message in an effort to inspire friends and family to donate books, but he was absolutely stunned when people from all over the world were inspired to respond and get involved.

"It's gone crazy from there," the postman told KSL-TV. "I've heard from the U.K., Australia, from India."

As for Flores, the little boy is exuberant and grateful for his new books.

"I'm just super happy," he said.


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