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Things Get Heated As Fox Host Repeatedly Asks Guest to Name Instance of 'Fraud' on Wall Street: 'Where Is the Fraud?


"Would you like me to answer your question or are you going to keep interrupting me?"

A Democratic strategist was repeatedly pressed Monday on the Fox Business Network for her defense of a comment presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made about "fraud" on Wall Street.

The Vermont senator, an avowed socialist, said recently that he believes there is fraud in the financial sector — a comment that had host Stuart Varney asking his guests if it was "irresponsible" to say.

When Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky defended Sanders' comment and suggested the market was being manipulated by powerful investors, Varney pressed her to provide concrete proof.

"Where is the fraud? Where is the fraud?" Varney repeatedly asked Roginsky, noting that investors had lost a large sum of money in recent days.

After the Democratic strategist framed the argument around who the culprit was behind the 2008 financial crisis, Varney grilled her again.

"This is not a technical argument about who is responsible for the crash of 2008! This is Bernie Sanders saying there is fraud built into the system now. And I'm asking you to tell me, where is the fraud?" he asked.

"I am telling you right now that there are people in big institutions out there that have more advantages than others," she replied, later adding, "You cannot argue the system is not rigged."

Varney asked Roginsky whether it was true big institutions had lost more money recently than individual investors. After the other guest and he interjected as she began to provide an answer, it appeared Roginsky grew slightly frustrated.

"Would you like me to answer your question or are you going to keep interrupting me?" she shot back.

"Where is the fraud?" Varney pressed yet again.

Roginsky dodged the question again, instead using her time to ask why President Barack Obama didn't receive credit from conservatives for the bullish market in the past decade.

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