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‘You Have Bad Researchers’: Trump Knocks O’Reilly As the Host Questions Him on Planned Parenthood


"I don't know where you got this information, I never said that."

Presidential candidate Donald Trump knocked Bill O'Reilly during an interview Tuesday, telling him he has "bad researchers" when the Fox News host said he supported Planned Parenthood.

After Trump said "all lives matter," O'Reilly pivoted his interview with the real estate tycoon to focus on Planned Parenthood.

"If all lives matter, why do you support Planned Parenthood and not cutting off the funding?" O'Reilly asked. "They are the top abortion provider ... and you don't want to cut off their funding."

"I'm not supporting Planned Parenthood," Trump quipped back. "Somebody said I was supporting Planned Parenthood — I'm not supporting Planned Parenthood."

O'Reilly asked Trump if he would cut federal funding to the abortion provider.

"Yes, I would," Trump responded. "I don't know where you got this information, I never said that."

"That was the report," O'Reilly shot back.

"Well, because you read a wrong report. You have bad researchers. What can I tell you?" Trump countered.

"No, no, no, no. It was an erroneous report, but that was the report. But we'll take care of the people who did that," O'Reilly said.

Trump had previously stated that Planned Parenthood likely offers some good services for women and had suggested he would be open to funding those aspects of the organization.

However, during his interview with O'Reilly, Trump said he would not provide funding as long as Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

Trump's swipe at Fox News is the latest in an ongoing feud with the network. The billionaire has often taken aim at pundits and journalists — most famously Megyn Kelly — who challenge him or offer criticism of his campaign.

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