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Read Fox News Host Jenna Lee's Response to 'Trashy Comment' From Conan O'Brien: 'Inappropriate

Read Fox News Host Jenna Lee's Response to 'Trashy Comment' From Conan O'Brien: 'Inappropriate

"...this trashy comment is not only inappropriate, it's clearly ridiculous."

Fox News host Jenna Lee penned a scathing note to Conan O'Brien early Wednesday morning after the comedian made a joke on his TBS program suggesting she looked like a porn star.

During a segment, O'Brien held up an image of Lee plastered to a hard cover book that asked, "Fox News anchor or porn star?"

"Very hard to know," the comedian joked.

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Image source: Conan

Lee didn't find his comments funny and turned to her Facebook page to pen a lengthy response. In it, she noted that the photo used was shot for a food blog right before she got married in 2011.

Lee said that she usually allows such comments to "sail by in the past" but had to respond "as a wife and a new mom."

Here's her full response:

Want the truth behind this picture?

It's from an interview I did right before I got married in 2011...for a food blog.

This is the same photo Conan O'Brien used on the cover of his "joke" book. I've let these comments sail by in the past; why give it more attention? I think to myself..."I signed up for this business, didn't I?" But as a wife, and a new mom, this trashy comment is not only inappropriate, it's clearly ridiculous. And not even funny! I'm also someone's daughter - and it's for the benefit of young girls, like Conan's daughter Neve, who are growing up in a world where porn references to successful, educated women are somehow considered "funny" and appropriate, even when made by fathers, that I think we need to discuss this...

In fact, Conan brings up a sad truth. Some women feel they need to dress and look like porn stars to make it on TV. I wonder where they get that idea? Could it be that the more provocative and sexy their social media photos are, the more followers they get? Maybe they don't care about their "traditional career" - the Twitter followers are enough. But personally, it makes me extremely sad to see so many talented women tarted-up because they feel like thats what they need to do to be successful.

As many of you have noted - I dress more conservatively than many of the women on TV. It's a conscious, strategic decision. My theory is my body should never be more important than my body of work - and I'm not done building the latter. Quite frankly, I'll never be. I may not be the most popular on social media - or voted the sexiest - but at the end of the day, I've wanted to be one thing - a journalist. And based on a series of conversations recently with young women, I see the younger generation questioning about where their priority should be - the sexy selfie or the solid resume? And you can't blame them for being confused. Class is on short supply as a priority for young women. It's seldom reinforced, re-tweeted, tagged or trending - but it's the one thing that never goes out of style.

So I'll end this by asking you, as I normally do during our show - what do YOU think about this comment from Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco...Comes with the territory? Or crosses the line? Watch Here: http://bit.ly/1NugPMw

And now a note from someone who is actually funny: #StayClassy

Drew Shane, a spokesperson for O'Brien, said the comedian wasn't immediately available for comment. Shane also noted that the show rarely comments on jokes used in the program.

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