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Braveheart' Screenwriter Reveals the Big 'God' Decision That Transformed His Entire Life


"Each of us has to come to terms with what we believe makes life worth living."

The Oscar-nominated screenwriter and creative mind behind hit films like "Braveheart," "Heaven Is For Real," "Pearl Harbor" and "The Man in the Iron Mask" says that he didn't find success in Hollywood until he decided to listen intently to God's plan for his life.

Randall Wallace, who recently released his new inspirational book, "Living the Braveheart Life: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Heart," told The Church Boys podcast about a time in his life in which he was forced to make a key decision — one that formed the very foundations of his successful screenwriting career.

"I felt I was either going to give up all of the hopes that I had, my sense of calling," Wallace said. "That I was going to give up what I believed I had been made to do, and submit to the ways of the world, or I was not."

It was at that time that Wallace was jobless and facing financial constraints before he turned to God and prayed that the Almighty would guide his life and career. He later wrote "Braveheart" and the rest is history, as he believes that it was "the kind of story that [he] was made to write."

Listen to Wallace discuss his faith and career below:

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Wallace, who grew up with a strong Christian foundation, said that he considered it his "Braveheart moment" when he decided to take that different avenue, telling the stories that he felt God wanted instead of what Hollywood was interested in buying at the time.

"My Braveheart moment was when I decided that I wasn't going to write what Hollywood seemed to want ... that I was going to write what God had made me to write," he said. "The kind of story that gave me goosebumps, that brought tears to my eyes, that brought laughter to my lungs and joy to my heart."

Making a good movie, he said, is about finding what's really grabbing, and he's hoping to use his experience in the entertainment industry — and in life — to help inspire the masses to live their best life possible through "Living the Braveheart Life."

"Each of us has to come to terms with what we believe makes life worth living," Wallace said.

We'll leave you with an exclusive spoof video that advertises the book — a clip that features some well-known Hollywood names like: John C. McGinley, Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece, Eliza Coupe, Kim Denney and Greg Kinnear, among others:

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