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Watch: Baseball Fan Blows Three Chances to Snag a Ball


"Third time's a charm."

Image source: MLB screen capture

Sitting in the front row of a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, one fan had three opportunities to snag a souvenir baseball.

He fumbled all three.

The first flub happened when a pop-up crossed into foul territory and went right through the man's hands.

Image source: MLB

Later, foul ball lightning struck again when a ball went into the stands and right into — and again through — his hands, bouncing back onto the field.

Image source: MLB

After two misses, a Yankees ball boy took pity on the man and lobbed a baseball his way. But the underhand toss was handled much like the two previous chances: the ball bounced — off his face this time — and then onto the ground.

The man's embarrassed companion could only bury her head in her hands.

Image source: MLB

Watch all three misses:

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