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The One Science Fact That Adam Savage of ‘MythBusters’ Says Still Completely Blows His Mind



After over 200 episodes of “MythBusters,” host Adam Savage says there’s one scientific fact that completely blows his mind.

In a video published by Business Insider, Savage said architect Buckminster Fuller would travel around the world giving lectures about the world.

“He had a really unique way of looking at it,” he explained. “He would hold up a 30-inch diameter metal sphere and he’d say, ‘Imagine this is the earth…We look out the window at the ocean and it looks like it’s really deep…but how much water is it if the earth was as big as this sphere?’”

After allowing the audience time to think about the question, Savage said he would breath heavily on the sphere to create condensation.

He would then say that the “condensation of his breath is equivalent of the depth of the deepest ocean on earth on this sphere.”

“And that makes it clear how actually fragile our ecosystem really is,” Savage concluded.


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