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Colorado Mom Couldn’t Believe It When Her Daughter Opened Wendy’s Kids Meal Toy to Find Shocking Note


"I had to explain to my child what the n-word means."

Image source: KDVR-TV

A Colorado mother was shocked when her daughter opened her Wendy's kids' meal to find a derogatory note scribbled on a playing card inside.

According to KDVR-TV, two Wendy's employees were fired after the note, which included the n-word as well as other derogatory sayings, was found on the kids' meal toy.

"I had to explain to my child what the n-word means and she’s never heard that term before," Maggie Oswoski told KDVR.

Image source: KDVR-TV

It is unclear what prompted the employees to pen the offensive note, but Wendy's did apologize to the family in a statement.

"Our core values as a brand center around treating people with respect, and we have taken this situation very seriously," Wendy’s spokeswoman Candis Goins said. "As soon as we learned what had occurred, we investigated and took swift action. The two employees who were involved are no longer employed by Wendy’s. We also have reached out and have formally apologized to the customer."

Goins went on to say that this incident is "not something that is the culture of Wendy's."

Oswoski told KDVR that her family wasn't satisfied with the statement and hoped the fast food restaurant would personally apologize to her children. She said she would also like to see the corporation implement better anti-racism training, KDVR reported.

"While I do understand that two individuals were responsible for this, there’s a systemic problem that this isn’t addressed to the people it hurt," she said.

Approximately 12 people protested outside of the Wendy's on Tuesday.

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