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Christian Radio Host Responds to Claim From Obama's Former Pastor That 'Jesus Was a Palestinian' With These Pointed Words


"The Canaanites were driven out of the land of Israel, because of their wickedness."

Christian leader Dr. Michael Brown responded to what he called "outlandish" statements from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright during a speech at the at the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March over the weekend, including the claim that Jesus was a Palestinian.

In a video reaction, Brown unleashed six concise words to summarize his response to Wright's proclamation: "You've got to be kidding me."

Wright, President Barack Obama's former pastor, delivered a speech on Saturday during which he said called Palestinians the “original people” and implored the audience, “Please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian."

It was these words that led Brown to release a 10-minute video pushing back against that sentiment.

Brown said that the term Palestine didn't exist during Jesus' life, and went on to detail his belief that the Palestinians today come from a variety of countries in the Middle East — painting a different picture from what he believed Wright had outlined during his address.

"The Palestinians today are descended from various Arab countries in the surrounding area and do not go back to the Canaanites of the book of Judges," Brown said. "If you are a minister of the gospel ... then you recognize that the Canaanites were driven out of the land of Israel, because of their wickedness."

See Wright's original comments below:

Brown said that this was a judgement on the Canaanites and others living in the region.

"God waited 400 years until he judged them," he continued. "And then he gave the land as his inheritance to the people of Israel and said, 'It's yours forever."

Wright has made no shortage of controversial statements over the years, with Obama renouncing him during the 2008 presidential campaign after remarks like, “No, no, no, not God bless America! God damn America — that’s in the Bible — for killing innocent people" came to the attention of the media and public, alike.

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