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After Clinton Claims 'No Contradiction' in Benghazi Talking Points, GOP Rep. Confronts Her With This


"How about this contradiction?"

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) confronted Hillary Clinton Thursday evening with talking points that seemingly contradicted each other after the former secretary of state claimed there was "no contradiction" in statements put out about the cause of the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

"There is no contradiction. The protests because of the video brining in those affiliated with Al Qaeda. There is no contradiction, congressman," Clinton said.

"How about this contradiction?" Jordan quipped back, holding up a piece of paper. "Well-planned attack, no pre-planned attack. How about that? One of them is well-planned, one of them isn't. Jay Carney says there was no pre-planned attack and the experts in Libya said it was a pre-planned attack."

Clinton responded saying, "Well the experts in Libya were among the experts looking at this and analyzing it. We went on the basis of the intelligence community — and they were scrambling to get all the information they could."

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