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National Review Reporter Asks Jeb if He Can 'Fix' Her 'Messy Room' — and She Gets a Response Back


"Hey my room is a mess can u fix it"

Image source: Facebook

National Review reporter Katherine Timpf has a messy room — and, on Tuesday night, she asked Jeb Bush to fix it.

Playing off Bush's new "Jeb can fix it" tour, the Fox News contributor and comedian tweeted, "Hey my room is a mess can u fix it @JebBush."

It's unlikely Timpf expected Bush to respond. But, he did. And he offered to help.

After being instructed to send an email "with the details" to a Bush email address, Timpf explained that she has "been having problems with a messy room" her "whole life" and "need a candidate with a real solution."

The conservative personality also fired off a few additional tweets.

About an hour later, Bush sent Timpf an email response.

"I will empower you to clean up your own room. It will be liberating!" read the note, signed "Jeb."

Timpf wasn't quite through asking questions though.

No word on what Bush recommends for the task.

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