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There's No Coincidence': Glenn Beck's Gift to a Complete Stranger


"That would be fantastic."

Glenn Beck hosted Labor of Love USA, a nonprofit charity and service organization, during his program Thursday night. And, before the show was over, Beck pledged to send a complete stranger — a man he has never met — home for Christmas.

Labor of Love was started by a group of people who met during Beck's 2011 "Rallying for Courage" trip to Israel and has vowed to travel the country helping those in need ever since. Beck invited the organization to his studio and asked the founding team to bring their friends and family along, too.

Brianna, who attended Beck's August Restoring Unity rally in Birmingham, Alabama, was one of those friends, and the story she shared about a man she met while she was traveling moved Beck to action.

"We pray constantly — Lord here I am, send me — constantly, every day, that's how I open up my morning," Beck's audience member said. "How can I be of service. How can I help someone."

She went on to describe a man at the car lot where she recently rented a vehicle. She asked him how his day was going, and she said he replied, "Are you going to be able to change it?"

"His children are over in Jamaica and he's working here and he's sending money," Brianna said. "And I said, 'I can't do anything other than pray for you.' He's like, 'You're gonna pray for me? You don't even know me.'"

Beck immediately chimed in, asking if the audience member knew how to get in contact with the man.

"Why don't we raise some money and send him home to Jamaica, for Christmas? Wouldn't that be cool?" Beck said to Brianna, sitting on the edge of his seat. "You give me his name and we'll send him to Jamaica."

"You deliver the ticket to him and everything else," Beck continued. "[T]hat would be fantastic. There's no coincidence."

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